TUF 1471 Hose Clamp Pliers

Country of Origin:Taiwan

Model:TUF 1471

Delivery Lead Time:14-20 days

Delivery FOB Port:Taiwan port

Detail Specifications

*Special pyramid-shaped tooth design efficiently grips
hose clamps without slipping.This special shape also en-
hances the strength in gripping,helping remove melted rubber
hoses near the engine
*Large jaws are designed to be in round form.This can help work
from different angles,suitable for working in confined spaces
*The jaws are designed to be slightly tapered when closed.
This special design can guarantee the jaws are on straight lines
when opened at the width(about 20mm)that is suitable to work on
most hose clamps.
*Long and slim pliers(331mm/13in)can reach deep spaces in engine
compartment easily