TUF 1340 Hose Removal Pliers

Country of Origin:Taiwan

Model:TUF 1340

Delivery Lead Time:14-20 days

Delivery FOB Port:Taiwan port

Detail Specifications

* Remove hose clamp on the hose to be disconnected.insert the jaw tip into the
place where hose and tube or line is connected
* Choose a suitable sized groove on jaw tip and grip the tube or line
* Move the jaw lock downmard and make sure the jaw is securely locked
* Disconnect the hose by pushing the two parts of the pliers towards each other
(Fig.1 and 2).other instruction images are as fllows:
Fig.3 Works on vacuum line on intake manifold
Fig.4 Works on idle valve near the coolant hose to engine
Fig.5 Works on brake booster vacuum line near firewall